she's in fashion - suede

"She's In Fashion"

She's the face on the radio
She's the body on the morning show
She's there shaking it out on the scene
And she's the colour of a magazine


And she's in fashion
Ouh Ouh Ouh
And she's in fashion
Ouh Ouh Ouh

She's employed where the sun don't set
And she's the shape of a cigarette
And she's the shake of a tambourine
And she's the colour of a magazine



Ah Ah
And if she tells you two is one
Then two is one my love
Ah Ah
And if she tells you you should know
Then you should know my love

She is strung out on a TV dream
And she's the taste of the gasoline
And she's as similar as you can get
To the shape of a cigarette



The sunshine will blow my mind
And the wind blows my brain


cinema - high

the necklace from my bf! rockin \m/

today its saturday and too excited. will meet up my bf and making plans. new idea its coming. yehaa!



whats up?!?!

its random pose, random pic, random day and random feeling. haha!!

wearing: pig tee - oink / ring - olshop / short - unbranded / turband - DIY



the stripes

wearing: my bf jeans - calvin klein / flower bag - topshop / tee stripes - pasar alun-alun / watches - swatch.

this time to making confused my day. always confusing. about to work and bla bla bla. but i will cheers for anything. ok?



over brownies

hmm i dont know to named this title, but i call this a "over brownies" because my post over brown. haha! (whatever). btw, i like wearing sneakers, im choose converse, very comfort and converse is growing more and more cool when more ugly or not washed. (its my opinion) :-p

wearing: sweater knitwear - old navy / belt - magnolia / sneakers - converse / brown skirt - scarborough /  watches - swatch / accessorys - olshop.

hmm suddenly, im craving browniesss since i post this. weehee!

electric blue

hi! im finding long skirt from wardrobe my mom. is electric blue skirt. actually, that skirt its birthday gift to mom from my dad. yeap! im mix and match this skirt to be "tube dress" with cute vest & belt. voilaaaaaa....

 wearing: electric blue skirt - wardrobe my mom / vest - pasar alun-alun / belt - charles&keith / platform heels - charles&keith / accessorys - olshop.




very cute ya?? she is multi talented person. thats the one of my inspiration. <3


for wednesday

helloooo! this pic is always simple. simple style with crop details. check check ya! :-D

wearing: assymetric crop - cottonink / jeans - JM / black flat shoe - TLTSN / turban or headscraf - DIY / dream catcher neck - pasar malioboro / bracelet - chanel / rings - olshop.

yeap! this cute ya?!?


"fashion is all about happiness. its fun. its important. but its not medicine."

"fashion is a very particular world, as you know."

"the difference between style and fashion is quality."

"style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. fashion is something that comes after style."



combo sundae

helloo! today,  im  feel freshingly sundae. extramely fresh garden. :)))

wearing: green flower - pasar alun-alun / skirt - unbranded / platform heels - charles&keith / ring - YSL / bangles - olshop.

happy sunday, young people! enjoy. xo


its finally done for saturday, welcome my midnight sundae sundayy. :D i will post up outfit on saturday madness!!!

im wearing: bow flower bodycon - 16ds / platfrom heels - charles&keith / bracelet - chanel / owl ring - olshop.

and thankyou again, always thankyou for my bf. combo huggy&kissy!! :_)))


Für neun!

hiiiii!!! what's up? btw, im having a trouble day. over tired but little bit fun.

comfort wedges ever and simple

two tone - magic / black jeans - JM / soft pink wedges - TLTSN / watches - alba / rings - olshop 

taken picture by my bf and his rooftop. simple but sure, haha!!  thankyou. kissy!